Домашний сервер на базе RaspberryPi

Хороший пример использования RPi в качестве домашнего сервера, и мультимедиа проигрывателя:



This website is running under nginx on a 35€ Raspberry Pi (RPi) headless server. Locally the server is used as an MPD and Pianobar server, the RPi is connected to my HiFi system via an external USB DAC (ALSA). It’s automatically downloading all my favorite TV shows, using Sick Beard, and movies, using Couch Potato, with Transmission Daemon, to a 2TB external HDD, which is shared with NFS, via my laptop/UMS, to a PS3. It is also used as a Mumble server (murmur) to host conference calls. The NFS share receives automated backups from the laptops in our house.

Updates are installed daily using a modified version of cron-apt. ZNC is used as an IRC bouncer to keep me logged in to IRC (visit #raspberrypi@freenode). Exim is set up with a gmail account and the RPi sends me an e-mail when a TV show has downloaded, new updates have been installed and the output from Logwatch, that is monitoring errors and warnings in system logs.

Couch Potato, Transmission, Sickbeard, Pianobar, MPD and Mumble are easily controlled from my Android phone (a cheap Samsung thing). Check out my Android app for remote controlling of pianobar (Pandora Radio).


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